Independent Fishing Guide – CAPTAIN SHAWN RILEY

He Loves It!

Shawn loves the Sea! Born with the passion for the ocean, raised in Staniard Creek, North Andros. Ever since he was a child, he’s been exploring every possible place he could fish or dive… he knows the island like no other. His knowledge and experience will ensure that you have a safe and memorable fishing adventure of a lifetime.


Shawn has a deep understanding of the elements: the waters, the fish, the tides, the weather, the landscapes; he is able to travel to any parts of North Andros to take advantage of the perfect combination for fishing conditions. His abilities to get you to the right place at the right time, and predict that’s where the fish will be, is uncanny! Not to mention, the man has x-ray vision who doesn’t miss anything. When sight-fishing, being able to see the fish a mile away gives anglers great advantage; and while you’re out exploring, you will see lots more natural wonders that you’ve never seen before. 

People Love Shawn

Shawn became professional fishing guide 22 years ago. Undoubtably one of the best guides on Andros. He’s All Heart! He’s all about making You have the happiest fishing trip. Guiding is not just about fishing, it is so much more. Not only is Shawn super personable, he’s in tune with anglers’ capability and limitation. He has the patience and skills to help anglers new to fly-fishing better their cast to catch fish, or exchange new techniques with experienced anglers; on top of that he is also a great friend to be spending fun time with. He says, “It gives me joy and pleasure from being able to help anglers accomplish their goals, and be there especially to share the moments when they catch their firsts, their biggests and their dream fish.” He truly enjoys fishers of all ages. “When there’s a 12-year-old young angler on my bow, I see future on the horizon… When I fish 80-year-old anglers I gain inspirations to carry on.


Shawn has earned high respect from his peers, well known for his abilities to put anglers on quality and quantity of fish consistently, regardless of tough conditions he always finds a lee shore. Shawn has also lead many expeditions for marine biologists, conservationists, film makers, and National Geographic teams on varies explorations, science research and TV shows. He has been working with Kamalame Cay, Stafford Creek Lodge, Small Hope Bay Lodge and Broad Shad Cay Lodge.

THE BOATFishing with Guide Shawn Riley on Hellsbay Marquesa flyfishing boat
HELL’S BAY 18′ Marquesa – Delivers you to your destinations with a buttery ride, dry and happy even in a chop, and then allow you to silently pole up to a school of bonefish. Equipt with the Power Pole and 90h Yamaha engine.